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Theron Trowbridge

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Theron Trowbridge

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Professionaly, I am Director Of Encoding Operations at Deluxe Digital Media.  (We're the "Color By Deluxe" people.)  We do a lot of VOD/EST encoding for sites like iTunes, Hulu, and Amazon.  We also do a lot of encoding for marketing and B2B websites you've never heard of.  I've been involved in video encoding since working on the Video CD launch in 1993.


I graduated from USC film school, specializing in cinematography.  This somehow got me to where I am today.


Personally, I have been a computer hobbyist pretty much my whole life, thanks to a father who was a Computer Systems Analyst when such a thing still existed.  I learned BASIC on a Sinclair Z80, Pascal on an Apple ][+ (with the 16k memory card), and a variety of other languages on PCs and Macs since.  So I'm mostly a software guy, but I've recently become interested in microprocessors.


I am an avid photographer and fetishize cameras, particularly old analog medium format cameras.


I also make strange electronic noise that I call music, under the moniker Bangsplat.  I write audio-generating Perl scripts and collect oddball synthesizers.


Current projects:

  • Learn how to program an AVR so I can make my Loud Objects Noise Toy do stuff.
  • Assemble my Thingamagoop 2 kit.
  • Learn how to program the Arduino to hack the aforementioned Thingamagoop 2. 





Bangsplat (blog)




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