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Whos My Representative

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Civic Data Resources





Representatives of CRASH’s area


  • Obama


  • Biden

Attorney General: Loretta Lynch (Jeff Sessions coming soon?!?)

  • Nominated by President, ratified by Senate

Senate: Senator Feinstein, Senator Boxer (Harris coming soon)

Congress: Karen Bass (District 37)

California State Legislature

State Attorney General: Kamala Harris

  • Elected by the people in CA and 43 other states

  • Appointed by governor in 5

California Constitution


  • Jerry Brown


  • Eric Garcetti

LA City Council

LA County Board of Supervisors

Neighborhood Council




What Are the Different District Types

Senate Districts (30) / Congressional District (37) / State… Assembly District?? (54) wut is this



Who Do We Contact, Under What Circumstances

  • Senator

    • Support or oppose bill in the senate

    • Support or oppose cabinet level appointment

  • Congress

    • Support a bill in the house

  • Attorney General

    • What do they do?

    • Federal constitution

    • institute civil suits on behalf of the state

  • State Attorney General

    • Looks at state constitution

    • Enforces law

  • House Oversight Committee (website)

    • Expose waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government


Who is the Media




Why is Louisiana Still Voting on a Senator?

There was a runoff. Election December 10.





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