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TAT0001: Samsung 244T S LCD Monitor

Page history last edited by Carlyn Maw 10 years, 9 months ago

Blog Post: http://blog.crashspace.org/2010/01/take-it-apart-tuesday-no-1/


Carlyn's whole photo collection: http://www.flickr.com/photos/carlynorama/collections/72157623164012534/


The buttons for the front [Flickr]


The USB hub: BN41-00663A (SMSC USB2504-JT) [Flickr]


Power converter: PSLF101401A [Flickr]

$55.92 on http://www.ued.net/ 


Video In / Processing: BN41-00659B [Flickr]


LCD power supply: LCD Inverter board GH151A [Flickr]


Logic Board: 240WUC4LV0.5 [Flickr]

$38.12 on http://www.pchub.com/, 59.99 on http://www.lcdpartsandrepair.com/2405fp-LCDLogic.html


LCD / PCBs 7&8 [Flickr]


Back Light & Filters


Various pieces for the housing

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