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Daryll Strauss

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Just a bit about me for any Crashers who might be wondering. I look something like the picture to the right, but if I stand up I'm incredibly easy to spot, being 6'5" and both big and tall.



I'm probably best known for my work in Linux. While I was working at Digital Domain, I built the render farm that was used in the making of Titanic. That was the first use of Linux in a major motion picture. I also wrote the original 3Dfx Voodoo graphics driver for Linux which was the first hardware accelerated 3D under Linux. After that I was involved with XFree86 and OpenGL support for a number of graphics card in Linux. I've done a bunch of other open source Linux projects including a quickcam driver and porting the game BZFlag to Linux.


My professional expertise lies in graphics and high performance systems. I currently run a small business called Digital Ordnance that makes products for the film industry.


I've got a strong background in open source, Linux, OpenGL, high performance systems, film and video, security, and cryptography. I'm happy to talk about any of those topics if anyone is interested.


My expertise is heavily focused on software and systems. I can build computers ranging from embedded systems to supercomputers as long as I'm working at the board level. Once I get below that, my knowledge rapidly approaches 0. That's why I'm starting to build my own electronics gadgets. I've got a few personal projects that I'm working on based on Arduinos. Since I'm starting from almost nothing, it goes very slowly, but I'm learning as I go along. Someday I hope to have a project for show and tell.


Running a small business that supports particularly demanding customers takes way too much of my time. I'm trying to get to CrashSpace when I can. I'm trying to work on my projects when I can. I also try to get out and ride my motorcycle (a big blue BMW if you ever see it at CrashSpace). I should combine all three of these things by riding my motorcycle to CrashSpace to work on my projects, but I haven't gotten that far yet.


With cell phones and laptops I'm online almost all of the time. Email is a great way to get a hold of me. I usually respond very quickly.



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