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Mike Outmesguine

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I helped start Crash Space to participate in building something new and exciting for the tech community here in Los Angeles. I'm especially excited about seeing the merging of art and technology happening at the space. Also I'm looking forward to reaching out to the community and providing a learning experience for those that wish to "explore the edges."


My bio follows...

Mike is a technologist, entrepreneur, and writer living between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. As the owner of TransStellar, Inc., a technology services and consulting business, Mike helps companies with their tech needs as a virtual CIO and technology manager. Some recent efforts include infrastructure services, mobile and wireless, and social media marketing.


Mike has written for Popular Science, Make Magazine, Weblogs Inc., and AOL. He has been featured in online and offline news stories and television features. You may recall his experiments with portable Wi-Fi using a cellular solar backpack, or modding a Bluetooth adapter to link up a phone over a mile away.


Mike is the author of the Extreme Tech wireless hacking book, Wi-Fi Toys (published by Wiley) and co-founded the Southern California Wireless Users Group, SOCALWUG.


Mike has profiles on...



Twitter @mikeout

and many others.


And can be reached at mikeout@gmail.com or get his direct info by sending an SMS... text "mike" to 50500


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