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We are opening our Bulletin Board System for paid postings. These postings could be proposals from people working on commercial products looking for assistance from CRASHSpace members, other requests for help for people with specific skills, job postings for full time employment opportunities, or attempts to control the minds of the readers through text alone.


The CRASHSpace BBS is a physical, "real world" space for posting interesting things.



Dozens of awesome, knowledgeable, and skilled software and hardware experts will see these posts.


Awesome, knowledgeable, and skilled software and hardware experts


Unlike online "bulletin boards", passerbys will have multiple chances to read a single message as it is in "physical space" and has a more lasting presence.


How this works:

  • Those wishing to post something should ask a member in person or on the online mailing list to handle the transaction.
    • You can also contact the current BBS project manager at
  • The member handling the transaction will review the posting and make a decision about appropriateness for posting. We'll mock them later if they screw up.
  • The member handling the transaction will put the approved material on the board and give the money to the current CRASH Space funds manager.  Do not tease happy lucky funds manager.
  • We strongly suggest all parties get a receipt or something if they don't personally know each other.
  • We might be able to print something for you or maybe even do some graphics design work. Doesn't hurt to ask.
    • Quality of in house printing not guaranteed but I'm sure we'll do our best.
    • Arrangements with members for on-site printing is separate from the posting fee.
    • Maybe buy them lunch if you want an original design or graphics work done for you. Take them to a show or something.


Some guidelines:

  • Posting should be not much larger than a 3x5 index card (though actual index cards are not required).
  • Anything that doesn't violate our Member Agreement or bylaws will be considered.
  • We reserve the right to not post something even if you want to pay us, just because.
  • No refunds, partial or otherwise are promised. But we'll try not to be jerks if something goes wrong.
  • Space on the board will be used "first come, first served", with approved posts up for renewal having prescience over new postings.
  • All posts will be as clearly displayed as our best efforts allow and will be picked up off the floor if they fall down.
  • All postings must be paid for in advance with cash or possibly check if we think you look OK, renewals will be handled the same way.


The starting rate for this pilot project is $50 for a 30 day posting. Items posted (especially for this pilot) might be left up longer than this because we are lazy, but we will make our best effort to ensure all posts stay up for their paid period. If something is totally awesome, we might keep it up even if you don't pay us, but no promises.


Current project manager: Joshua Truett



We are trying to get an entry for this service working in our awesome new store. See the prototype here:



People interested in using our service should order in concert with personal contact with a CRASH Space member, but please consider using our store for payment.

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