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CrashSpace has several email addresses in the @crashspace.org domain for ease of use when contacting official entities within CrashSpace.  We know this list of emails is long, but Crashspace is made possible via a diverse, distributed community of members and taking the time to reach out to the right person will help us tremendously! :)


  • info @ crashspace.org
    • To get general info about crashspace. Put this on the homepage for instance.
    • Forwards to crashspace @ crashspace.org 



  • announce @ crashspace.org
    • Used to send announcements to the mailing lists 
    • Forwards to crashspace @ crashspace.org


  • membership @ crashspace.org
    • Used to send membership reminders
    • Forwards to Membership Team: ChrisH, Michelle, Metal
    • Forwards to crashspace@crashspace.org


  • board @ crashspace.org


  • officers @ crashspace.org 
    • For contacting any and all CrashSpace Officers
    • Forwards to current CrashSpace Officers and Chairs


  • secretary @ crashspace.org
    • For contacting the CrashSpace Secretary


  • events @ crashspace.org
    • To request events, to learn more of events, etc, to contact the event manager
    • Forwards to KevinJ, ChrisE, AlexL
    • Forwards to crashpace@crashspace.org for archiving


  • media @ crashspace.org
    • For media inquiries. Give this out to press contacts.
    • Forwards to Sean
    • Forwards to crashspace @ crashspace.org for archiving


  • store @ crashspace.org
    • Email used by the store.crashspacela.com site
    • Forwards to Tod
    • Forwards to crashspacela gmail acct 


  • treasurer @ crashspace.org
    • Send this email invoices, etc.   
    • Used for official corp financial matters
    • Forwards to Treasurer and CFO
    • Forwards to crashspacela gmail acct


  • bbs @ crashspace.org
    • for info on posting to the real world bulletin board, see Josh     
    • Forwards to crashspacebbs gmail


  • webmaster @ crashspace.org
    • address blog uses to send email, any other web stuf
    • Forwards to Tod
    • Forwards to crashspace @ crashspace.org for archiving


  • crashspace @ crashspace.org 
    • Catch-all of all email to the crashspace organization
    • Fully archived


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