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laser filtration system

Page history last edited by Matt pinner 13 years, 1 month ago

The UI for the filtration system consists of a big green button, a dial, a three color LED (green,yellow,red), and a piezo beeper.

- The big green button turns the system on & off.
- The dial controls the air pump speed.
- The LED indicates air velocity. (green=nominal, yellow=a little slow, red==too slow)
- The beeper goes off when the air velocity is too slow.

To use the filtration system, you turn it on with the big green button, wait for it to spin up, then move the dial slowly until the LED goes from green to yellow.  Then move the dial back a smidge until it goes green.

The goal is to use the minimum air velocity needed to get the job done.  Too fast and the filters wear out quicker (at $800 a pop, you want to minimize that) and it puts more strain on the motor.  Too slow and fumes/smoke build up in the laser and the room and can catch everything on fire.

Normally what you'll see as the filters get clogged, you'll have to turn the knob up more and more to try to force more air through the system.  I had just changed the filters before we moved to laser to Crash Space, so I'm a little surprised to see them getting clogged so early.  How much cumulative laser time has happened do you think?  I think we'll need to be a bit more strict on getting people to note how much laser time they use so we can get an estimate of our real monthly operating costs.

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