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Project Focus

Page history last edited by Matt pinner 11 years, 7 months ago


An interactive video installation that keeps in focus that which is stopped. and motion is shown as a blur. A participant would approach a screen show the current surrounds, but void of people. When they pause to understand what is being show a blurry figure will emerge.





The software says of it's function: "I'm capturing frames from the web cam. Each frame is stored in a circular 10 frame buffer. The frames in the buffer are then averaged together and displayed. The end results is that moving objects become blurs, and the only things in focus are those that are still for about 3 seconds. It's a cool effect and it should work pretty well if it has a wide field of view in a room. We would need a projector."


Suggested enhancements include:

 - variable frame buffer size or algorithm

 - human interface for altering the above

 - plaque describing intent and tie-in with create:fixate theme

 - move the camera instead

 - projector or LCD

 - pedastool for display

 - fish eye or other type of camera


code : 

Version 0.5: focus.tar.gz










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