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Steve Goldstein

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I've had an interesting life so far...

In 1975, while still taking various engineering courses from a variety of local state colleges and university's, I tested for and received my California State Electrical Contractors License (C10-331579), and founded Eagle Electrical Contracting.


I had fun combining simple TTL (7400's), transistor and relay logic to make some pretty radical A.C. control systems for the "rich and famous".

I switched my focus from fancy A.C control systems to hi-end electronic security after seeing a total lack of "modern technology" in security systems installed in the finest homes of Malibu, Bev Hills and Bel-Aire.  It was interesting designing new products for an industry that thought relays and Ace round tumbler locks made a good security system.


In 1979 I co-founded Eagle Security Products.  Eagle Security Products manufactured the first self-contained access control system.  It was based on the new Motorola 68000.  After successfully building our product line and national distribution program, Securitron-Magnalock Corp bought Eagle Security Products in 1987.  My first corporate job, I was EVP of Product Development.

At Securitron, I produced (invented) a new product every month.  Securitron's manufacturing and marketing teams couldn't keep up, few of my new products got to market while I was still there.  After 14 months, I left, leaving Securitron with 10 years worth of new products (really!).


For the first time I had both time and money, so Mark Barton and I built the world's largest (record held for 6 months) Tesla coil (100kW) at BOSS Film Studios.

We used this coil and others in several major motion pictures. We provided the “lightning effects” for Terminator, Free Jack, Ghost Story and several other productions.


Also during this period, I independently invented and licensed commercial/consumer security products, toys and novelties, which were successfully marketed worldwide by such retailers as Radio Shack, The Sharper Image, Costco, all "Big Box" stores, as well as other international distributors.


In 1990, I was invited to join the R&D team at Walt Disney Imagineering where I headed the Advanced Technology Research (ATR) group. At ATR, my staff and I would research, verify, enhance, or modify new technologies, and when necessary, even invent a new technology to fulfill a specific requirement for use within the Disney theme parks. It was this R&D group who, in 1995, would be among the founding members of Sony Development.

In 1995, a few select Imagineers and myself, left Walt Disney Imagineering to start a new division within Sony Corporation of America: Sony Development. My responsibilities at Sony as Chief Technologist included discovering and inventing new technologies and products that help make Sony's urban entertainment the benchmark for all other entertainment centers.


During one of their many corporate restructurings, Sony ended their Urban Entertainment Division in 1999, and laid-off 250 employees.

I quickly found myself consulting for Apple, designing an insanely great electronic security system for their new, soon to be opened retail stores.


In 2005 I started Scratchbuster. The Scratchbuster vending machine, is a self-service kiosk that polishes scratches and repairs all forms of optical discs (CD,DVD,BD).

The prototype was successfully tested in a GameStop store for 6 months, where over 1000 customers polished about 2400 discs.  Unfortunately, this project never got properly funded.


For the last several years I have been doing product development for myself and others.  Recent products includes, light-up skateboards and scooters, electronic locks, novelty water fountains, interactive iPod docks, custom interactive signage.


Steve has been awarded 21 U.S. patents plus multiple U.S. and world patents pending.

4890265 Infra-sonic detector and alarm with self adjusting reference
5991057 Image transformation of a picture by using a superimmposed hologram.
6802760 Disk restoration service vending machine.
5280305 Method and apparatus for forming a stylized, three-dimensional object.
6746131 Sound activated liquid display device.
6532075 System and method for utilizing a topology detector to capture visual information.
6943909 System and method for efficient transfer of image data to a service provider.
4991145 Infra-sonic detector and alarm with self adjusting reference.
7479983 System and method for effectively implementing an electronic image hub device
7882199 System and method for effectively implementing an electronic image manager device
7916326 System and method for efficient transfer of image data to a service provider
7961219 System and method for effectively implementing an electronic image hub device.


Steve is an Eagle Scout and is currently serving as Scoutmaster for Pacific Palisades Troop 400.



Product Development, Overseas Manufacturing, Problem Solving, Prototyping, Research and Development, Production Management.


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