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Justin Corwin

Page history last edited by Justin Corwin 13 years, 10 months ago

aggregator: http://outlawpoet.tumblr.com


Justin is a researcher and developer (AI Psychologist) at an AI R&D company: http://www.adaptiveai.com


He's a lapsed ham operator: {callsign goes here as soon as I repass the test this winter}


He's a lapsed martial artist: aikido, jujitsu, karate.


He's going to be responsible for setting up the CrashSpaceLibrary


He's running the Weekly event/class: RadioMondays


He is the unofficial Contesting Secretary, if you've got an idea to enter something let me know.


Three projects at crashspace will be rebuilding some projects from LASERS, PHASERS AND ION CANNONS; a low power radio kit, and some hacked smartphone gear for wearable goodness.


Ask him for help in the areas of: AI theory, software development, psychology and cognitive therapy, gerontology research, wearables, wireless, and writing.



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