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Joachim Thuau

Page history last edited by epac 11 years, 5 months ago


About Joachim Thuau / epac


Contact Info:

     email: epac@kNoOrSiPgAaMn.net (remove the uppercase for a valid address)

     website: http://www.korigan.net (there is nothing there)


About Me:

     I've been an IT guy in the same company for the last 10 or so years. supporting/setting up/etc the studio from 25 people to up to 150 (with some help) and back down to 60 today. I dig networking, all sort of operating systems (win32, *nix, darwin, OSX, etc). I'd be willing to put something together for some sort of base network infrastructure for crashspace (network, storage, pbx, request/problem tracker, etc). I can donate a couple servers, a 10/100 cisco switch, and maybe one access point. What i'd like for feedback is how complex you want this to be? (ie: like at home, a wireless AP and we're done, or a little more fleshed out with central authentication, wireless segragation, monitoring of infrastructure, etc...)

     I'm looking forward to get access to smart people to get to learn some and complete a couple projects (see below)



  • None at this point, but willing to invest time in networking/IT for the space (about 8-10 hours a week maybe?)


Tasks I'm Working On:

  • Networking for the space. I Hereby Claim the title of "IT Crasher".


Tasks I Would Like To Work On:

  • Get an "Atari Flashback" (the 2600 remake) to play real game carts (mods partially documented online).
  • Build a custom Vectrex controller pair. I have most of the details i need, but i am missing resources to build the case for it, and i'm hoping either the 3d printer or some expertise from others will help putting this together (mostly the case, and setting up the electronics in it).
  • Molding, sculpting cases for electronic (to go beyond the "project box").



Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool...

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