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Member Agreement

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As a member of the Collaborative Research Association of Social Hacktivity (aka Crash Space) I confirm that I have read and agree with the following guidelines:


  1. Be Awesome.


  2. Crash Space does not condone any illegal activities. Getting caught breaking the law in the space, using the space's equipment, or with something you built in the space means you're out. 


  3. Some equipment at Crash Space is dangerous, you know the risks involved with using such equipment and agree not to use anything you haven't been properly trained to use. Additionally use of all such equipment is at your own risk and you agree not to hold Crash Space or any other members, directors or owners liable for injury or damage caused by using such equipment.


  4. Some equipment at Crash Space is expensive. In many cases the equipment that is expensive is also fragile. You know this and will make every effort to ensure that equipment is not damaged, and will be left in the same or better condition when you finish with it. You also understand that if you break something you may be responsible for the cost of replacement or repair.


  5. You understand that Crash Space can only exists because of the monthly membership dues paid by each member. You also understand that you are not a special little snowflake and have to pay your membership dues just like everyone else. On time. Every month. To ensure this, if you are paying month to month you will be paying with a recurring payment via paypal.


  6. The phrase "someone should" followed by listing off something someone else should do is banned. Instead, acceptable phrases are "I am going to" or "Can someone help me..." followed by listing off something you are taking the initiative to make happen.


  7. Membership access to the space applies to the member only! Any member who gives their key to someone who isn't a member, or leaves a guest unattended in the space will have their membership terminated immediately.


  8. You understand that discussion takes place on the mailing list, and decisions are made at meetings. If you have not been following these and have an idea, please ask if someone else has thought of it, or is already working on it rather than assuming you are the first to think of something. Also, please understand if you are not on the mailing list and at meetings, you will not be a part of the decision process.


  9.  You agree to abide by these and any other guidelines decided by the membership. We try to be a respectful group of grown ups: DON'T BE THE PERSON THAT MAKES US MAKE A NEW RULE. (See Item Number 1)



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