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Booth Preparation

Page history last edited by Matt pinner 8 years, 11 months ago

Want to have a Crashspace booth at an expo or other event? COOL! Here's what we've found to be helpful:


If someone asks if we want to have a booth at their event for free, SAY YES.  It's easier to cancel later than it is to squeeze in last minute.


Use a doodle to organize who will be at the booth at what times. (Don't stress about responsibilities. You're there to have fun!)  Try to make sure somebody commits to setting up, and somebody commits to tearing down and bringing our stuff home safe. The rest is flexible as long as everyone knows where the stuff is and what is ours.



  • Our signup sheets for the mailing list and announcements list
    • (Don't forget to add the emails to the mailing lists when you get home!!)
  • Our business card stickers (check the front room closet)
  • Our giant sign to hang up
  • Member projects to show off
    • Make a cool sign for the projects if you want (Use this template?
      • existing project signs are here 
      • Include a way for them to fork/follow up on project: Project cards, QR codes, or tearoffs to give people details. Link to thingiverse files, githubs, etc.
    • Check the front closet for plastic stands to hold signs
    • Best projects to bring: hands-on, INTERACTIVE with BIG BUTTONS, fun, blinkies, demos
  • Tools for setup + emergency project repair
    • Power strips
    • Zip ties
    • lots of pens and sharpies
    • Tape
    • Soldering iron
    • Solder
    • Clippers/wire strippers
    • Wire   
  • Something to quickly and easily show our upcoming events off (a big desktop calendar would be great. Then you can easily stick post-its on the days we have events coming up.)
  • getting some tshirts together would help to build brand recognition around the conference and engage people away from the booth
  • CrashCamm : take lots of photos! 




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