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laser cermark

Page history last edited by Matt pinner 9 years, 3 months ago

Laser will not work on polished and/or soft metals like silver/gold


It will work on:

unpolished stainless steel or brushed aluminum 


Cermark does not engrave, it merely leaves a ceramic mark behind. So in effect, you are adding, not taking away.


Laser will work on

annodized aluminum (your ipod/mac) because it affects the coating by turning it white (again, it's not really engraving) 


100 speed 45 power at 600 DPI



For future reference:

Vector = cuts (not for metal) 

Raster = "Etching/Marking" (for metal)


He was able to answer all my Qs without hesitation. So if you have further Qs just call the company. (303)215-9171 

Epilog Mini 45 W 24 x 12



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