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Directions: How to Get to CRASH Space

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CRASH Space Address:
10526 Venice Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232

SUNDAY: All nearby streets (Venice, Keystone, Mentone) should be free on Sunday, but please check before leaving your car.  The parking lot behind the dentist office adjacent to CRASH Space is open as well.

MONDAY - SATURDAY: All nearby streets are 1 or 2 hour parking.  Check the signs. 


CRASH Space has two spots in the alley: directly behind CRASH Space (two cars fit, so pull up), and directly behind the small white shed to the left of CRASH Space (one car fits). 

Our parking spots are on dark grey/black asphalt. If you are parked on light grey cement, you are not in our spots.

Please ask a member to show you which spots are ours if you are not sure. 

If you cannot find parking, check the neighbourhood on the North side of Venice Blvd. (CRASH is on the South side.)  There is often parking there, since that side of the street has far fewer businesses.


Public Transit! CRASH is near:
-The Palms stop on the Expo Line (~20 min walk)
-Culver City bus route 1 (stop is Overland & Washington. ~10min walk)
-Culver City bus route 3 (stop is Motor & Venice, near the surplus store)
-LA Metro bus route 33 (stop is right in front of the shop to the west of Crash.)
-LA Metro Rapid bus route 733 (stop is same as the 33)


What CRASH Space Looks Like:


From a bird's eye view of Venice Blvd:


Driving Westbound on Venice Blvd:


Driving Eastbound on Venice Blvd:



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